Intangible Asset & Intellectual Property Valuations

Intangible assets, including intellectual property, have become an increasingly important economic resource.  Thus, companies need to be better informed as to their value, not only for acquisition accounting purposes, but also for tax planning, pricing, strategy, financing, and tax compliance.  The identification, examination, and quantification of an intangible asset’s value are essential to an accurate balance sheet and a key instrument of value determinations for purposes of evaluation and negotiation.  Intangible assets can often make up a large part of a company’s balance sheet, and without knowing the value of those intangible assets you cannot accurately identify a company’s worth.

After close consideration of quantitative and qualitative measures, such as book, market, and liquidation value, or cash flow generated by the asset, Marshall & Stevens can provide the valuable objective determination of the worth of intangible assets and intellectual property.  The experienced professionals at Marshall & Stevens understand the complexities of the legal status of intellectual property and its key role in enhancing your company’s profits.  If your company is facing infringement upon intellectual property by another company and needs a damages estimate or litigation support, or you might be in need of a loan and desire to use intellectual property as collateral; whatever your needs, our experts can assist.

We can apply our years of experience to efficiently provide valuation for intangible assets in regards to:

  • Intellectual property
  • Patents
  • Know-how
  • Trade names and trademarks
  • Developed technology
  • In-process research and development efforts
  • Customer lists
  • Contracts
  • Non-compete arrangements
  • License agreements