Take Advantage of the Tax Benefits the IRS is Offering

By Bob Montes, ASA, Director, Cost Segregation and Capital Asset Valuation Services

Real Estate Property Owners and Real Estate Industry Professionals

- Have you employed all IRS provided methods to reduce taxes in 2014?

  1. Are you or your client taking maximum advantage of the IRS’ Cost Segregation rules to accelerated depreciation (MACRS) on real estate holdings?
  1. Are you or your client getting the full benefit from the final IRS Repair Regulations?
  1. Have you considered all the tax incentives offered to help you or your client increase the return on investment when acquiring, building and/or improving real property holdings?
  1. Do you understand that the allocated values in an Asset Purchase Agreement may limit the maximum depreciation benefits for the buyer?

Proper Classification of Depreciable Assets Can Put More Money in Your Pocket.

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